The Blog of Survival Part 1

This will be short and sweet.

It's just a question, actually, are these things happening to you to?


  • Satellite Navigation (GPS)
  • Glove Box
  • And a good intention

(Good intention is a key ingredient, it ALWAYS just HAPPENS when you have a good intention)

It's this simple, the satellite navigation lying around the car. I don't want anyone to sit on it, or get it stolen (good intention), you lean from the back seat to the front seat, punch the button on the glove department, throw the GPS in, and smash the compartment shut.

You don't know at this point, that nobody will ever ever ever open the glove box without using sharp tools again.
  Ok, next day, just before the drive, just before anybody else gets in the car, and because you are doing things properly, you lean from the backseat to the front, you try to open the glove box, in a great speed as you do, quick quick quick! They are locking the house, and I want to install the Satellite Navigation before they come, quick quick!

You push you pull! The parents are getting closer and closer, you try your hardest, the handle breaks off.

You quickly jump back into the back seat, put your neutral face on, and ask your dad:

"Could you just open the glove box department, and get the Sat Nav out?"

It's a bit cheeky really, but you've got to follow certain rules to survive. Your parents then take turns in trying but you know very well, it's stuck and broken, and somebody will need clever tools to get it.

Dad may say a couple of harsh words under his breath. DO NOT COMMENT!

He goes to the kitchen, and gets a knife. Now I put on my super neutral face, and I would also advise to combine it with being super duper quiet, ideally watching some invisible spot on the floor. Do not talk, do not breath, try to be invisible.

Dad, using the sharp tools, will force the lock open. The glove box is now open, but nobody will ever close it.

Mum gets in the car, hurts her knee, and that is the first bruise on the knee that my family is going to obtain in the next few weeks, depending on who is getting into the passenger seat.

I am telling you! It was not me! It was the flimsy material the used for the locker!

Or that cat again!


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