Greetings from Switzerland

I've been thinking for a week on how to start this blog. It's quite a big thing for me you know, but it happened today.

I was on a bike ride with my mum enjoying the views of Mount Blanc, when my handlebars caught a hedge, panicked, and jumped, the bike and all, in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately the bike can't jump, so I fell in a very embarrasing way on to the road with the bike on top of me.
I decided there and then, that if i survived not getting hit by a car and not getting killed by my mum for "not wearing a helmet, AGAIN" then I would start the blog.

So let's start at the beginning.
Why am I here? The answer to this is ver... ... ...

Sorry I got distracted. My mum got really annoyed at a fly that kept landing on her and her tea.
It started nice and peaceful with my mum shouting some abuse at the French fly, but seeing as it did not understand any of our laungages, it ended with my mum dancing on the table trying to hit it with a wet towel.
I could just hear the French fly laughing in French. She did not understand the seriousness of the situation.
Five minutes later, when I had recovered from a laugh attack, the fly was lying on the ground outside feeding the birds. This is the life cycle for you.

Right now my mum is on another mission. She's trying to teach the neighbours French cat some useful English phrases, like "get out". The cat was quite talkative, but so was my mum. If I was a cat, knowing the story about the fly, I would learn quickly.

So, as I was saying. Why am I here? The answer to this is very simple. When my parents decide to do something, they do it.
My parents decided to pack the car, pack the bikes, and move to Switzerland. So here I am.

We live in a nice house with a garden, with a nice view on Mount Blanc. In a 15 minute drive you can reach the Lake of Geneva. You can join me there and play with my Remote Controlled boat.

It's great fun! It confuses the ducks, but attracts mosquitoes. Not fun.
Mosquitoes are another problem here. We didn't pack any mosquito repelling devices, because we didn't know that mosquitoes are a serious problem in Switzerland, especialy in areas around lakes, and for some reason, houses with gardens.

Now we have aquired quite a selection of electronic repelling decives, and anti-mosquito creams which seem to have solved the problem.

The highlight of each day is a long peacful bike ride through the woods and countryside. The views are magnificent.

I know what you are going to ask. How is school?
There are two good news.
1. We needed an extra health certificate, so I couldnt start before that was obtained.
2. The school was closed for two days.
So watch this space, I will know more by Monday.

Marcus Cemes



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