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Vaccination, Swimming and Sledging in one day

I have to make a confession.I'm not a very brave person.
  I like my peace and quiet, I can live without challenges.Unfortunately for me today's life is full of challenges. We sometimes create them ourselves.
  I remember vividly one of my first Science Lessons back in UK just when I started Secondary School. (Dear Miss D, I loved your science lessons and I miss them terribly. I keep asking my parents to bring me back to UK so I can attend your science lessons again)Anyway. Miss D brought a real heart and some real lungs (from a sheep, or goat) and we were going to do dissection.
  I only watched this for a minute or so before everything went black and I fainted.
  This is not a very cool thing to do in a new school, I can tell you that.The eye witnesses, like the whole class, were still teasing me about this nine months later. They only stopped because I moved away from the UK.Today was the day of my vaccination, and I suddenly thought of this first science lesson.
  I was getting…