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Sound experiment

  Healthy nutritious food snacks are a must in my family. I just finished a tube of Pringles ® , and I made a discovery! Have you ever noticed that if you tap an empty tube from Pringles ®  with your finger, the tube transforms into an exotic wooden African sounding instrument. Anyway, the experiment is this. If you hum into the empty container of Pringles ® with different frequencies, you will discover one frequency that will resonate the bottom of the container. Other frequencies will not resonate in the container. You can feel this very clearly if you hold the base of the container with your finger. This is a great mystery to me. Why do other frequencies not resonate?   Does it have anything to do with the shape of the container?  Has anybody got any thoughts on this subject?   Anyway. This is a very exciting time. We are going on a month long holiday with a lot of sun, tons of sea water, hundreds of friends, good food, and good fun. I hope that you're looking forward to

Better a bad day on the water than a good day at school!

  How to get to Geneva on a school day. It was a special map orientation day on Tuesday. I understood it started at 7:45am, as I am quite a wiz at French Numbers now. I also noticed that if we come to school in time, it stops teachers from shouting. So here we are at 7:45am Tuesday in my army outfit, ready for action! The school is empty. Nobody nowhere. I could see a little problem. Suddenly my memory came back, and I remembered the UEFA Stadium was mentioned, so we drove there. The good news was my class was there. The bad news was my group was walking from the station. We went to the station. Nobody was there. I was hoping my mum will issue 20 CHF and leave me there with the option to go to McDonald when I get hungry, but it was not going to happen. We decided to go to Geneva instead. My granddad bought us all an ice-cream. While my grandparents and my mum were talking, I read my book and enjoyed the peacefulness of Geneva Lake. If I had a t-shirt for today, the slogan w

How to get a lifeguard out of his office

  Today is the first official day of my holidays. I don't know whether you have noticed this, but parents get rather funny at the beginning of school holidays.   I don't understand this. It's the time that we wait for all our life. We've got plans, we have ideas, we have expectations, we are excited. I woke up this morning and my parents were no where to be seen. I waited until lunch time. Somebody knocked on the door, and I didn't know what to do.   I phoned my mum, my dad, and talked to the neighbours cat. I decided that I am grown up enough, and being the only male in the house (as the cat ran away again) to make my own decisions. I was lucky that it was just our neighbours at the door. They wanted something. That was OK. They asked me how I am, and I told them I haven't eaten yet today, and my parents have disappeared. Our neighbours are nice people of Italian origin, and I started to hope they could make me nice pasta with tomato sauce for lunch, since