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Blog re-uploaded!

Hello! It's been 3 years and a bit since I first started this blog. Since that time, I've struggled with my web host to keep it up running despite the very old blogging platform I was using. A year ago my blog completely broke.  I've finally decided to go through the long and enduring process of recovering my old database data, and migrating all my articles to something a bit more modern... Blogger! Perfect. Run by Google, this will never die on me again! The whole process was exhausting, but after many hours of work it's finally here! During these past 3 years, I've been integrating with the local educational system, and trying my best to keep my marks up! You will have undoubtedly realised that the time between blogs has been increasing. Study has started eating up a lot of my time, especially now that I am at college. I have very little free time, let alone time to think up entertaining stories. I really do hope to advance this blog on further sometime. U