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Mobilization again today. I was brutally woken up at 7AM (6 GMT) in the middle of my beauty sleep because we were all going for a final battle for school.I got used to this actually, and I don't panic any more.
  This time was different though. We had a meeting.Building A, Room 311, Madam Gramm, Nyon. I remember being half asleep in the car, and every traffic jam we met on the way while getting on the Geneva| Lausanne Motorway gave me hope we may be late, and if luck was feeling generous, we could miss the meeting.I am sure you have guessed, we made it on time, confidently parked in-front of the swimming pool, as you do, found the building, the room, with still half an hour to go!
  That's half an hour taken off my beauty sleep. Brutally and unnecessarily.What I will never understand even if I live to 100, how is it possible that at this very tender hours of the morning, when the sun, the birds, and mother nature are still asleep, the Swiss schools are full of fresh faced chil…


On Saturday, I visited the worlds 2nd most expensive city, found out how to park your car at underneath the bottom of a lake, and saw the the worlds most powerful water jet attraction.On Saturday Morning I decided to have a long relaxing bath, and started to gather my stuff together.
  My dad burst into the room washing his teeth with one hand, straightening his hair with the other, telling me he got an emergency call from work, and we are giving him a lift to Geneva. 10 minutes later we were on the motorway."It will be a short half an hour job", my dad said.
  In the following five hours we had to explore Geneva, we saw some pretty awesome things.Once we dropped off dad at work, me and my mum spent the next hour listening to the GPS saying 'Recalculating' and finding a decent car park.I've never seen a car park with such a dramatic entrance. One minute the lake was in front of us, and the and the next thing we were heading down a steep road under it.
  Your first i…

Midnight Adventure

My parents woke me up at midnight today.The clock said 6:45 (this is 5:45 Greenwich Mean Time)I got worried that we may be immigrating again, so I got hold of my favourite socks and cuddly fleece.
  As it turned out, my parents planned a trip to school during admin hours.The problem being here is that I am educationless. I created this word using the same rule as we do for brainless, powerless, clueless. Educationless child is not in Wikipedia yet, but basicly it is a happy, balanced child, enjoying his bike and pc during the day.It appeared we obtained the missing half a kilogram of certificates, and we were going to have another go to try and get me to school.I thought that everybody was going to be in their pyjamas there, but to my horror, all the ladies in admin were fully awake, and behind their pc's.My parents had a nice friendly, respectful and assertive chat with them, something about legal requirement to accept me.The lady said: "Do you speak French?"
  I said yes…

The Blog of Survival Part 1

This will be short and sweet.It's just a question, actually, are these things happening to you to?Equipment:Satellite Navigation (GPS)Glove BoxAnd a good intention(Good intention is a key ingredient, it ALWAYS just HAPPENS when you have a good intention)It's this simple, the satellite navigation lying around the car. I don't want anyone to sit on it, or get it stolen (good intention), you lean from the back seat to the front seat, punch the button on the glove department, throw the GPS in, and smash the compartment shut.You don't know at this point, that nobody will ever ever ever open the glove box without using sharp tools again.
  Ok, next day, just before the drive, just before anybody else gets in the car, and because you are doing things properly, you lean from the backseat to the front, you try to open the glove box, in a great speed as you do, quick quick quick! They are locking the house, and I want to install the Satellite Navigation before they come, quick qu…

A Pea Soup

What's wrong with a man liking his old plates? I know! It's an old man thing, but I do like my old stuff,My Old socksMy cuddly old fleeceAnd I also liked my nice white plates which we used in England. You could see what you were eating, the only exception would be if you would eat Fresh Snow which would be very unlikely to happen.Simple, eh? White plates, colourful food. A man gets used to this.Then they take you somewhere else, new place, and new fancy plates (just as well I hanged on to my old socks and fleece)Today my mum said "Your dinner is on your table", but when I went to the kitchen, all I found on the table was a pale green blob. You could honestly not tell where the bowl stops, and where the soup starts, and there was also the strong possibility the cat ate it.I was aware of the negotiations that my mum conducted with the cat yesterday, but I didn't know who won.If there was any soup in the Green Bowl, it must have been Chameleon Soup, and it changed c…

Annecy - Our saturday treat

Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, and we went to explore an old town called Annecy. (click here)I don't particularly like towns with a history, but some towns feel like they still have the Ancient Forces in them. Annecy was one of them.
  Annecy is probably one of the oldest inhabited sites in the Northern Alps. In fact, recent digs suggests the history of the town goes as far back as 3,100 years before Christ.The town is situated next to a Lake Annecy (Lac d'Annecy). This lake was once used for transport, fresh water, bathing, and to take away waste. Today it's used for fun purposes. You can rent small paddle boats and small motor boats. (Click here for an image)Another nice area is a large grassy park. On sunny days you find this park full with people having a picnic, or playing around.More to the centre of the city it becomes more old. There is quite a major canal, surrounded by old stone buildings. Most of these buildings are restaurants.
  Not very far from the lake, …

Greetings from Switzerland

I've been thinking for a week on how to start this blog. It's quite a big thing for me you know, but it happened today.

I was on a bike ride with my mum enjoying the views of Mount Blanc, when my handlebars caught a hedge, panicked, and jumped, the bike and all, in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately the bike can't jump, so I fell in a very embarrasing way on to the road with the bike on top of me.
I decided there and then, that if i survived not getting hit by a car and not getting killed by my mum for "not wearing a helmet, AGAIN" then I would start the blog.

So let's start at the beginning.
Why am I here? The answer to this is ver... ... ...

Sorry I got distracted. My mum got really annoyed at a fly that kept landing on her and her tea.
It started nice and peaceful with my mum shouting some abuse at the French fly, but seeing as it did not understand any of our laungages, it ended with my mum dancing on the table trying to hit it with a wet towel.
I could ju…