Mobilization again today. I was brutally woken up at 7AM (6 GMT) in the middle of my beauty sleep because we were all going for a final battle for school.

I got used to this actually, and I don't panic any more.
  This time was different though. We had a meeting.

Building A, Room 311, Madam Gramm, Nyon. I remember being half asleep in the car, and every traffic jam we met on the way while getting on the Geneva| Lausanne Motorway gave me hope we may be late, and if luck was feeling generous, we could miss the meeting.

I am sure you have guessed, we made it on time, confidently parked in-front of the swimming pool, as you do, found the building, the room, with still half an hour to go!
  That's half an hour taken off my beauty sleep. Brutally and unnecessarily.

What I will never understand even if I live to 100, how is it possible that at this very tender hours of the morning, when the sun, the birds, and mother nature are still asleep, the Swiss schools are full of fresh faced children, happily chatting, laughing, and joking (I guess) none of them is wearing their pyjamas, they are all wide awake, and look business.
  How do they do it? Maybe they take some special vitamins.
  One thing I do know, is that I will need gallons of those vitamins very soon. 

The meeting went well, my parents effort has been rewarded with great success. I was accepted to a Swiss school in Nyon.

This is the scary part.
  The school in Nyon is a French speaking school.

Even more scarier is the fact that I have been admitted to a class with 16 hours of French a week.

Do you want the scariest bit? Here it is...
The school runs from 7:45 until 16:01. This translated to a simple language of a child means that I need to catch the 7 o'clock train, and if I want my breakfast I'll need to get up at 6AM. (This is 5AM GMT), every day.

It's too early to comment this, I will know what it feels like after I have done it in a week.

The fun bit for me is actually the scariest part for my parents, every day I will be travelling on my own in a beautiful high tech fast sophisticated and sleek train of my dreams, travelling along the Geneva lake.

This is making me feel very grown up and important. I can't wait! Of course my parents are making a fuss about this bit.

The way I'm looking at it the journey on the train will be a sweetener for my later suffering in a Swiss School, where they will speak French to me all day.

Soon I will have more news about school canteen and other adventures which are just about to change my life beyond recognition.

I had to make a video of the French/Swiss Countryside not far from our house. For those who asked whether the cows in Switzerland were purple, like the ones on chocolate, as you can see, they are just ordinary cows.

They don't wear a Swiss watch either.

I also made a video of the French Market in Divonne. It has a lovely atmosphere.

All my videos are aviliable on YouTube at

See you soon!


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