Midnight Adventure

My parents woke me up at midnight today.

The clock said 6:45 (this is 5:45 Greenwich Mean Time)

I got worried that we may be immigrating again, so I got hold of my favourite socks and cuddly fleece.
  As it turned out, my parents planned a trip to school during admin hours.

The problem being here is that I am educationless. I created this word using the same rule as we do for brainless, powerless, clueless. Educationless child is not in Wikipedia yet, but basicly it is a happy, balanced child, enjoying his bike and pc during the day.

It appeared we obtained the missing half a kilogram of certificates, and we were going to have another go to try and get me to school.

I thought that everybody was going to be in their pyjamas there, but to my horror, all the ladies in admin were fully awake, and behind their pc's.

My parents had a nice friendly, respectful and assertive chat with them, something about legal requirement to accept me.

The lady said: "Do you speak French?"
  I said yes.
  She said: "Say it in French"
  I said: "Je parle francais"

I could see my parents were impressed, and there is going to be a celebration and lots of hugs and kisses later.

This is a very impressive improvement from my last visit to school admin, when I apparently did not even say goodbye. (I thought I did!)

Well, all this excitement.
  Maybe my educationless status is just about to be changed.

And? And?
Ok, you are asking the logical question.
  How did it end?
Let's do a little quiz. Don't worry, it's easy.

From what I have observed so far, all French conversations will close in one of these three ways:

1) They start hugging and kissing and laughing, as you do in family reunions after 25 years (this was not the case in school admin office)

2) They take your phone number plus email and add it to the existing collection they have and say Au Revoir. (If you will get this response, for example, in admin office, this is your cue to go)

3) When you need something, you go to the person (landlord, notariat) and ask for it. They say they can't do it or don't have it. After that they say "If you need anything, please just come and ask". (This is usually followed by Au Revoir)

So, 1, 2, or 3?

It was actually 2.
  We are hoping if we will pay them a few more visits, their answer will be more like three, and maybe after several years of coming and asking, we will progress to answer 1, but we are not there yet.

In the meantime, things got a bit more military in our household.
  My parents think I should be able to conduct a small conversation in French. I'm practising this:

Nous habitions à Haslemere en Angleterre. (We used to live in...)
Maintenant, J'habite à Chavannes en Swiss.
(Now I live in...)
Je joue de la guitarre.
 (I play the guitar.)
J'aime fair beaucoup de choses.
 (I like to do lots of things.)
Je joue au football et tennis. (I play football and tennis.)
Je fais du vèlo, ski et j'adore fais du ski nautique. (I ride my bike, I ski, and I love water-skiing.)

(Hello Madam Guegan)

So how are you all today?

Au revoir mes amies! Goodbye my friends!


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