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1 week before my Ski Trip Adventure

  Sunday We went to Annecy. Lovely sping weather, bit cold. No snow. Seagulls on the lake. Golorious sun. Monday Still no snow. Cloudy. Temperatures about 0*C. School ended early, no music (yay!) . Spring in the air. Tuesday Heavy snow fall, started at 7:30AM. It's -2*C. It's the rush hour in Switzerland. Heavy snow and Rush hour not good combination because road clearing trucks can't do their jobs. Nyon was chaos. Roads were unusable. Interestingly when the roads are all covered with 5 inches of snow we have realized how steep the slope is from the lake to the town. The cars were stuck, slipping, skidding, doing zig zags. Everybody was a bit scared. This is the test of your winter tires, your driving skills and your nerves. We drove around town and looked from all the angles. All the roads looked dangerous and unsuitable for driving. Why were they not treated before I don't know. My french teacher who was traveling from Lausanne, left at 7:45AM and arrived at 9

Frosty water fight

  Today was another dark frosty morning. I was going to school. It was supposed to be simple. Go and wait in the car.   As I walked out of the house I noticed a thin layer of ice on the car windows. I decided to be helpful. In our old house where we parked on a hill my mum always said I would be allowed to start a car once we park on a level driveway. Today seemed like a great opportunity.   We parked on a level driveway, the windows needed defrosting. I know how to start a car. It's simple. I took the car keys and did it. It gave me an extra thrill on a boring school morning. What I did not know at this moment was that the screen wipers were set on rain detection. They were still if there was no rain, and they went mad in a tornado. I suddenly got an even better idea!   The front window needed a splash of water to help it defrost. The hose pipe seemed like an obvious choice. As I splashed the first drops on the wind screen the wipers started to work, sending all the water