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Help!This was the worst part of my Ski Trip. The evening disco.I'm afraid I'm one of the guys who sits in the corner and hopes he is invisible.Dance amazes me. I mean: ARE THERE ANY RULES HERE? COULD ANYONE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DANCE?Once I was watching an evening steel drum band in Barbados.
  There was this black man in the shadow of a palm tree and he danced. Boy, did he dance!
  His face had a million emotions, his eyes were closed. His body made slow economical movements and his huge feet size 15 danced in four points of a square: Forward, Right, Back, Left.I thought this was a great style. I practiced it there with my mum and got big cheers from the audience. I thought great! I can dance!Then the leaving party at the end of Year 6 came and I danced my great Caribbean dance. Unfortunately nobody understood the timeless beauty of the moves.They were saying:What are you doing Marcus?Well, this ski trip was the last straw.Observation: Europe does not understand …

Swiss military rules on my school trip

No mobiles
No toys
No electronics
No closing the door
No talking after 10PM
No hidden food
No choice after 7AM: wake up and face 8 hours of skiing
No misbehaving
Everything is compulsory
If it's not compulsory it's forbidden
Alcohol, cigarettes or drugs: you get sent home when saying any of the words
No not complying with rules = Get sent home (Parents collect you)
No fun in any form or shape
Swiss army knives allowed
That's right. I thought to myself, you never know when it might come in handy. SO why not bring it along?