An armed truce


I have a few questions:

Why do people fight?

Why do countries fight?

Why do we compete?

Where does this need come from?

What is it good for?

There must be a reason!

Maybe you don't have this problem.
  But I sometimes do.

Alex is a Spanish guy. Once, at a German lesson he said:

Ich heiβe España.

So I call him España since then.
  He calls me names, he would bash we with a book.
  I would accidentally hit him with my backpack.
  I drew a picture of him on the blackboard. Not very flattering.
  He makes it even worse, and puts my name on it.
  He sits at our table at lunch, we exchange verbal abuse.

Yesterday Alex lost his nerves and kicked me with all his strength to my shin.

I saw stars in my vision. I reacted.
  The teacher came and pulled us apart before we had a chance to see who wins (Teacher wins at school).

We were punished. We had to copy a paragraph from Bible in French.

I hated sitting next to Alex while copying the paragraph, having unfinished business with him.

I came home upset and hoped to get sympathy from my parents.
  Not a chance.

They said I am to make truce with Alex, making me promise to not fight, name-call or provoke.
  They wrote a letter to the teacher asking her to witness this peace making process.

I forgot the letter at home, but the instructions were clear:

Make truce with Alex.

I didn't know what I was going to do, but Alex came to me and said he wants to make a peace.
  Just like that.

I was surprised and oddly disappointed.
  I mean come on, we had issues to solve, right?

So now.
  I can't call Alex España and he can't do any of his usual stuff to me.
  It feels strange.
  Any ideas how to entertain my self at breaks?


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