Geneva, London, Geneva



Today it was more like:

Coppet -> Nyon (School) -> Divonne (France, diesel for car) -> Coppet -> Geneva -> London.

Today was a long and interesting day. The most interesting thing was to see our plane from Geneva to London delayed, delayed and delayed until, after we took off, the Geneva airport was closed!

See for yourself. Geneva, waiting until the plane finally arrives from Heathrom. Heathrow, sending planes as fast as it can, with full flight departure boards.


It would have been nice to have a lay in after our late arrival yesterday. We had to take our dad to work and therefore woke up very early. The lady at breakfast asked me if I wanted boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, poached eggs or fried eggs. I said Yes. because I was half asleep.
  The adults laughed and said in that order please.
  I did not get this joke at the time as I was concentrating on not falling under the table.
 We had hairdressers and some shopping to do today. We've got a very fancy birthday party in Hamburg to attend, and my parents decided that my baggy jeans and old trainers are not suitable clothes.
 Today I forgot the Do Not Disturb sign on our door. When we arrived in the evening we had no tea, no coffee, we ran out of toilet paper, and we only had wet towels. 


We had the dentist and more shopping planned for today. I wonder whether I will ever understand this shopping thing? I mean, my mum showed me a patterned top and plain trousers, and then plain top and patterned trousers. Apparently there were some colours which will bind these outfits together and apparently that is the whole point of shopping. To find matching things.
  I had a look on the internet, and found something like a colour wheel. Yes, it is true, there is a lot of science around colours. I just failed to understand why can't we wear black that always goes with black? And jeans?

I have been dragged through some shops with little wooden boards and slogans like:

If it makes you laugh, buy it or marry it!
At first I was sure that I was adopted. Now I'm worried that I wasn't.
May the Chicken of Happiness and the Sausage of Prosperity follow and guide you wherever you go.

I understood that people hang these little boards on the wall. I can see I have a long way to go before I understand shopping.

The evening meal was delicious.  We went to a spanish tapas bar. We don't have this in Switzerland.


Only osteopath today, and then a bit of shopping, but I'm a trooper now. My favourite bit was of course the flight back and that went well. The only little excitement we had happened in Geneva. We loaded our trolley with baggage full of things and THE shopping and went off to look for the long term car park where we have left our car.
  This is one of those Swiss things. If something is cheap and good, it's usually well hidden. This happened with our long term car park. We remembered it was under the Geneva Arena, but we ran around the arena several times, and spent well over an hour before we spotted the hidden door by accident. I'm telling the truth. This was a little door which only to a trained eye looked like an entrance to a car park with the paying machine.

Voilà, we found the car park, our car, our house, our cat, and finally, I had my beauty sleep. Until the next school day arrived that is.

Yours sincerely,



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