What is worse than school, in school?


Answer: Compulsory vaccination in school!

The school nurse came to our class. She explained the benefits of vaccination.

Insured, we are all going to be vaccinated at school, and that is that. I must admit I didn't understand every word she said, despite trying very hard.

When she left there were many questions buzzing in my head.
  My mum said "come on, it's not the end of life on earth".
  That made me think.
  Are there not vaccinations that could end your life?
  Isn't Switzerland one of the countries where they do this?
  How is the nurse going to tell these two vaccinations apart? It is quite important.
  Are they different colours?
  Are humans not known for making mistakes?
  Don't we (I) always say 'Well, I made a mistake. I'm only human'

The leaflet that she gave us was not very encouraging either. See for yourself!

I would like to finish this blog with something optimistic to say, but I can't think of anything right now. My head is full of upcoming vaccinations.



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