How to make a dentist useful


I have been having six monthly dental check ups for years.

There is something complicated about registration with your dentist in the UK.

You need to have your check ups in order to be in the system. If you will have a problem, no problem, you are registered with your friendly dentist who knows you.
  More precisely he knows your teeth.
  My dentist is a friendly chap. I really like him. I had some troublesome start, but in the last few years my checkups were pretty boring.

Usually my dentist would look at my teeth, talk some latin to the nurse and occasionally pull a tooth out (it thankfully has always been a baby tooth).
  My dentist (His name is Paul) checked my teeth last week, and there was nothing to do. He asked me if there was anything else I would like to mention.

You know me by now. I have always plenty of things I would like to mention.

This time I had thought of this little annoying splinter in my index finger.
  It has been there since morning.
  I just touched this flower at the supermarket, and I got a splinter.
  Somebody could ask how, why and how come.
  I don't know. These unexplainable things keep happening to me.
  The fact was, there was a splinter in my finger, it was annoying me, and the dentist was offering his help.
  I explained my problem to him.

I almost regretted it for an instant, as he opened all his drawers full of extremely scary tools. I've seen similar ones in the London Dungeon.
  He may have done this on purpose to put me off. Serves me right for trying to be cheeky.

All went well. He found the right tool and pulled the splinter out.

Thank you Paul!

My mum took the picture. Do you have any horror stories from dentists to share?

Your faithful,


 Happy Halloween! 

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