The French Language


If you would have asked me what is a language half a year ago, I would think a language is not a big deal. We are talking English here. It's just a few words you put together to argue, to explain yourself, to get out of troubles and to get into troubles.

A language is simply something you keep going with until you achieve a desired effect. It's a bit like walking really. You do it automatically.

I have been learning French since I was four, but it was just a subject. One hour a week.
  When I started to go to a French speaking school, I thought a language could also be a torture, a nightmare, something that doesn't quite make sense but is important to some people.

French language on the radio or on TV that I didn't understand, I would ignore. I would switch off.

I started a new school year. I decided to take it seriously this time around, for a change.
  I do my homework, I learn my dialogs, I learn my verbs, I listen and I talk.
  I very often understand.

I just thought today how amazing a language can be. Any language. Suddenly you don't take a language for granted. You start analysing it.

I say, you say, they think, we go, they went.
  It's amazing to start thinking about the structure of the sentence, about who is doing what, about past and future.

I am not sure yet, but learning a new language and putting foreign sentences together could be almost as complicated, challenging and enjoyable, as playing with Mindstorm.

When I am learning a new language, I have to simplify my life, think about things I took for granted.


This somehow brings me to a present, and grounds me.


This experience is very difficult to describe. I am enjoying learning a new language, and it helped me to find lots of new friends.
  The amazing thing is, they all speak two or three languages. I have a Spanish friend called Alex, Joe, an Italian friend called Federiko, a Polish guy called Mateusz and two identical German twins. There is also Harry and Boran from last year.
  They all speak English as their second or third language (apart from Harry and Joe, they are English)

I feel there may be some other benefits of speaking a new language. When I will find them, I will sure come back to you.

Your faithful,



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