Sound experiment


Healthy nutritious food snacks are a must in my family.

I just finished a tube of Pringles®, and I made a discovery!

Have you ever noticed that if you tap an empty tube from Pringles® with your finger, the tube transforms into an exotic wooden African sounding instrument.

Anyway, the experiment is this. If you hum into the empty container of Pringles® with different frequencies, you will discover one frequency that will resonate the bottom of the container. Other frequencies will not resonate in the container. You can feel this very clearly if you hold the base of the container with your finger. This is a great mystery to me. Why do other frequencies not resonate?
  Does it have anything to do with the shape of the container? 

Has anybody got any thoughts on this subject?


Anyway. This is a very exciting time. We are going on a month long holiday with a lot of sun, tons of sea water, hundreds of friends, good food, and good fun. I hope that you're looking forward to weeks of sunshine as well!


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