How to boil an egg


Yes, I am getting into cooking.

Did I mention that I love hotels? Breakfast in a hotel is an interesting thing. They have all kind of machines producing coffee, juice, toast, etc. I quite like the egg boilers. They are simple. Cooking an egg should be simple. This machine is a container full of boiling water with egg dippers made from wire. The idea is the put an egg into a wire dipper, and lower it into the boiling water.

I am sure you have guessed that first I dropped the dipper into the boiling water before I even managed to get an egg in it.
  It was quite a challenge to fish it out as you very rarely fish in boiling water.

The holiday makers started to watch me, they probably wanted to get on with their own boiled eggs, or maybe they were fascinated with my resourcefulness. I used knifes, forks, coffee cups, and then another egg dipper. My efforts were rewarded with success. When I managed to put everything back to where it was I still wanted to boil an egg.

Being thorough as I am, and now also careful, I put two eggs into dippers, and dunked them into the boiling water.
  It was 8:37. When I went back to the breakfast table, my mum said she only wanted to boil her egg for four minutes, but I should leave mine there for at least 6. Nobody is good with math before breakfast. I started to the sums.

Mums should go out 8:41, and mine 8:42. Maybe. The point is when I got the egg for my mum out, she tapped it gently with a teaspoon, and I'm not joking, suddenly egg exploded and covered  with its sticky yellow material, my mums hands, and the posh white tablecloth. We hid everything in a teapot and covered it will napkins.

The gentlemen from the other table was surprised how invisible we made the mess.
  My parents said the egg for me should stay at least another four minutes. This was simple 8:37 + 4 + 4, but this was before breakfast and my brain wasn't working that well, so I went to the machine and took the egg out immediately.

My dad suggested he will help me take the shell off, and we spread several napkins around him as a precaution. These French eggs seem to be quite aggressive.

The second one didn't quite splash the next table like the first one did, but it was still very gooey in the middle, and my dad volunteered to eat it.

I've noticed that next to the egg super boiling machine, were some eggs already pre-boiled. I am sure it took the hotel staff all night. I wanted one of them but they were cold.

However, I am sure they were boiled. I put one of them in the wire dipper and sunk it into the boiling water to warm it up.

When I remembered the egg and went to get it out, the shell came off beautifully, and the egg had three colours. White, green and yellow.
  Apparently the egg goes green when over-boiled.

This egg I would be perfectly happy to eat, except that when I tried to put a bit of salt on it, the little salt shaker seemed to be stuck. I lost my patience at this point and shook it vigorously. Now I had my white, green and yellow egg hidden under the mountain of salt. This was not a big problem. All you need to do at this point, is to look for the egg and get it sitting on top of the salt mountain. It is safe to eat it. Just leave the rest of the salt containers contents on the plate.

Anyway the salt will never be as tasty as ketchup.

Try a boiled egg with a splash of ketchup.

Bon appetite.



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