This was the worst part of my Ski Trip. The evening disco.

I'm afraid I'm one of the guys who sits in the corner and hopes he is invisible.


Once I was watching an evening steel drum band in Barbados.
  There was this black man in the shadow of a palm tree and he danced. Boy, did he dance!
  His face had a million emotions, his eyes were closed. His body made slow economical movements and his huge feet size 15 danced in four points of a square: Forward, Right, Back, Left.

I thought this was a great style. I practiced it there with my mum and got big cheers from the audience. I thought great! I can dance!

Then the leaving party at the end of Year 6 came and I danced my great Caribbean dance. Unfortunately nobody understood the timeless beauty of the moves.

They were saying:

What are you doing Marcus?

Well, this ski trip was the last straw.

Observation: Europe does not understand and appreciate the spiritual value of the Steel drum dance.

I watched other children on the dance floor. They all looked a bit awkward. They put their drinks up as JLo suggested in her song. Their hand and leg movements were jerky and uncoordinated.
  They should see how the music lives in your body in Barbados.

Anyway, while I was hoping that the earth will swallow me my better looking friend Mateusz was picked up by girls three times. He declined, of course.

Who wants to look like a monkey having a bad dream?

Observation: The girls like to dance. They like their long hair flying, getting in everybody's view. They especialy like romantic songs. Boys don't like any of these things.

When I came home I looked up some of the songs from the ski trip disco. I listned to them several times to get an inspiration to dance. Google said that dance is a body expressing the music.
  Tell you what, I like to lay on my bed when listning to the music. Acording to Google's definition, that is my dance.

However if any of you my friends had any simple rules to follow, please tell me as I would like to know how to dance one day.

One never knows 



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