Frosty water fight


Today was another dark frosty morning.

I was going to school. It was supposed to be simple. Go and wait in the car.
  As I walked out of the house I noticed a thin layer of ice on the car windows. I decided to be helpful.

In our old house where we parked on a hill my mum always said I would be allowed to start a car once we park on a level driveway. Today seemed like a great opportunity.
  We parked on a level driveway, the windows needed defrosting. I know how to start a car.

It's simple.

I took the car keys and did it. It gave me an extra thrill on a boring school morning. What I did not know at this moment was that the screen wipers were set on rain detection. They were still if there was no rain, and they went mad in a tornado.

I suddenly got an even better idea!
  The front window needed a splash of water to help it defrost. The hose pipe seemed like an obvious choice. As I splashed the first drops on the wind screen the wipers started to work, sending all the water back in to my face.
  The more water I poured on the windscreen the more slush was thrown into my face.
  It took me a while to realise what was happening.

I may have yelled and as I was dancing trying to avoid the flying water I stepped on the hose pipe which behaved like an angry snake, splashing more water everywhere.

The wind screen wipers loved this this and went into 'tornado mode'.

My parents chose this moment to walk out of the house.
  The shock on their face may have been caused by an unexpected stream of icy water in their direction.
  They were expecting a quiet car in a quiet driveway. What they found was a car with a roaring engine, mad hose pipe streaming water everywhere and crazy wipers in tornado style splashing everything at face level. Let's not forget me dancing and yelling trying to stop the show.

My mum tried to approach the car to switch the engine off. This may not have been the best strategy as the wipers were shooting quite large quantities of icy slush right at eye level.
  Bending to avoid the worst of the impact with the water she made it and switched the engine off.

This took all the fun of my morning entertainment. I promptly ran to shut off the hose pipe.

Thankfully we were running late and the questions and answers time had to be reduced.
  We just changed into dry clothes and drove to school. I had to promise I will not start the car until I pass my driving tests.

There I was hoping that my dad could let me to drive the car a bit sometimes soon.

I guess I need to postpone my plans.

All this fuss for a bit of cold water.

Happy New Year!


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